# subnote
## imaginative economics
### subnote market



subnote has set up subnote.market

as we found that only very few of the 2,500 subnotes in circulation get tracked, subnotes are actually rare. as rare things have weird values, we like to play with this notion.

if you are in the possession of a subnote you can state your willingness to sell it and leave a minimum price (ask price or offer). the lowest ask price is always displayed. your offer is always valid for one month.

if you want to buy a subnote you can place your bid. this highest bid price is displayed. a bid is always valid for one month.

if a bid matches or is higher than an offer, both parties are notified and settlement will occur for the bid price.

subnote.net does not take commission nor sells subnotes itself.

so far 0 transactions have been concluded.
(we have just started)